Nyura Kaba (Asani)

White-haired half-elf bard shrouded in robes.


AT 1204
Birth: The child of an Aturan merchant lord and his Elven concubine, Nyura was raised along with her three older sisters and her two younger brothers. She and her five siblings were the children of the favored wives of their mutual father. How many other siblings she may have is unknown to her, but many bastard children exist scattered about Alsara through trade.

AT 1210
Childhood: Nyura had a good relationship with her sisters but rather than looking up to her older sisters, she instead placed a great amount of respect on her handmaiden Kitanya who has been with her since birth. Nyura spend her childhood playing with her siblings, entertaining her father’s guests, and learning about her place in society. In secret, Kitanya taught her a bevy of mystic arts derived from Bardic lore. Kitanya saw something in Nyura, a great deal of potential and a high quotient of charisma that would make her well-suited for the life of a bard. In addition to her secret lessons, Nyura had a master teach her various instruments as her father valued musical talent and loved to listen his children play.


AT 1218
Marriage: On her 14th birthday, Nyura was betrothed to the youngest son of another wealthy merchant lord. Although uncommon in Atur, Nyura and Bahadir developed a marriage based on mutual respect and love rather than duty and obligation. Because this marriage was arranged as an alliance between two merchant lords, Bahadir was to remain monogamous. The two moved into a villa in the countryside to get away from the political pressures of the main city. Here they spent their days learning the skills needed for their respective positions in society.


AT 1221
Lost Child: At 17, Nyura had a son named Hadar and raised him with the help of her handmaiden. The boy lived until he was 3 years of age. One dark night, a group of the undead went out of control and attacked Nyura’s villa and other nearby residentials. Nyura and Bahadir were woken by Kitanya and ushered onto horses. In a dazed panic, Nyura screamed for her son but was told by her handmaiden that he was already gone. Heartbroken and disillusioned, Nyura followed her husband and Kitanya to the Kaba Palace.


AT 1224
Refugee: As a result of the Aturan schism, the country exploded into national unrest. Many of the merchant lords fled Atur with nothing but what they could carry. Bahadir arranged for the escape of Nyura to Bastion. Now, the fallen noble and her handmaiden travel by carriage to Bastion…

September 1224 – December 1224
Shortly after arriving in Bastion, Nyura and Kitanya joined a ragtag group of mercenaries, soldiers, and sorcerers on a mission to find the source of unsanctioned necromancy plaguing the lands. While they originally accepted the job in order to gain income, but after stopping the jhin and disassembling the remnants of the Serpent Guard, the group emerged as heroes and were recruited into the Silent.

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Nyura Kaba (Asani)

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