Percival "Percy Valliant" Dgris

Young Fighter from The Dunvale Conclave


A young man surrounded by death, he fled the Dunvale Conclaves at the age of 18 in order to escape watching those he loved and cared for perish around him.

Generally having a positive disposition towards people, the racism he’s grown up with his whole life makes interacting with Dragonkin, Elves of any variety, and even those of certain countries a hard task. He’s also been jaded towards connecting with others, as they will most likely die anyway. When it comes to the topics of the Cult of Balor, Dunvalers, Tunists, or even the Dunvale Conclaves themselves, Percival gets pissed due to the emotional trauma tied to those topics. They’re very sensitive topics to discuss around him, some more than others. But he has a deep seated hatred that has seared its way into the very core of his being for all of them. A very stubborn individual, but once one gets past that tough exterior they’ll find a friend willing to stand between them and danger without question. A friend willing to die for them. He also however keeps a few things secret. Mainly his past, due to it’s grim nature, and his real height. He wears 2" heeled boots to appear taller. These two inches bring him up to a respectable 5’10. Percival mainly does this in order to avoid the embarrassment for being shorter than average and to be “taken seriously by others”. He also gets quite ragey, having a hair trigger temper that can go off for the smallest of reasons. Percival also got the nickname “Percy” from the others, almost like a pet name. He normally tolerates it unless angry with them. Then Percy is more of an insult than anything. Percy also gets really pissy when people make fun of his last name Valliant, even though he personally (and secretly) adores the name.

More of a man of action and raised as a soldier, Percy loves fighting. Combat is his lifeblood and something he plans on mastering. Violence has also been his main method of getting people to take him seriously and listen to what he has to say. It also allows him to prove to his allies that he is in fact useful. Despite him leaving the Dunvales and abandoning the Cult of Balor, the Path of War seems to still follow him. Vicious beyond reason in fights, running is usually not an option with Percival. He has a huge distaste for traitors of any variety, usually trying to kill any traitors he sees, and goes all out whenever he can in fights. Despite being trained in all sorts of weaponry, his favorite weapon is his axe, which was one of the few possessions he managed to steal away from the Dunvales. He’s also known to keep track of the kills he’s made, to show his combat prowess and prove to himself that he is indeed a useful individual. He fears on a regular basis of becoming useless, for in the Dunvale Conclaves being useless meant being put on the altar to be sacrificed to Balor. Even with all of this aggression however he has taken up a more defensive fighting style in order to protect those around him, if only to keep from more deaths weighing on his shoulders.

Percival’s goals are not simple ones. He plans to become a legendary hero, one who’s name will be known for generations and he also plans to become a master of warfare and combat in general. Though the second goal is something reasonable for him to aspire to, the latter will be a tough journey for him. His jaded view on connecting with others and his racism are not easily overcome. Normally his attitude and hair trigger temper make him look like nothing more than an uneducated brute, and being from the Dunvales certainly doesn’t help people’s opinions of him. Until he can truly get past these blockades, his dream of being a hero looks very bleak.

Percival "Percy Valliant" Dgris

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